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About Lani

MEET Lani Reagan

When you experience energy-work for yourself firsthand, you discover how powerfully it can affect your health, wellness and recovery.  I refer to my work as “intuitive coaching sessions” as my skill set provides an informational, educational as well as a rapid healing experience. I am pleased that my programs enable clients to practice preventive health maintenance, learn about their own energy patterns, and use energetic healing tools to create greater flow and expansion in all aspects of their lives.


I began my practice specializing in the study of somatic therapy, (Kali Institute of Massage and Somatic Therapies) related to releasing emotions that get lodged in soft tissues of the body causing limited range of motion, mis-alignments and pain. Through this work I began to become aware of subtle energy coming off the body. But it wasn’t until my own body got sick that I actually picked up a book about self-healing; did the movements on myself and caused my migraine headache of 3 days to miraculously disappear. Intrigued enough, I booked a session with someone more skilled than I was. At that appointment, in a matter of 25 minutes all of my other symptoms had disappeared and more importantly my external circumstances hadn’t changed, but my level of inner quiet was surprising; I felt incredibly peaceful. It was in that moment, I decided to study more deeply this intriguing and rapidly growing field of energy-work; energy-healing and intuitive skill.


Through the American Institute of Asian Studies, Master Choa Kok Sui (modern day founder of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga) guided me in harnessing and mastering my natural clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities, as well as delineated energy healing into a science, that was measurable in quantity and quality. I saw more potent results than I did in my previous work. Gradually, my clairvoyance was requested by more clients and my approach to wellness switched from being focused solely on the body and more widely to the area of the mind/body connection and teaching how to work with their potent life force or energy for healing, conflict resolution and swifter manifestation. This has resulted in a successful practice where clients feel huge shifts and are empowered to affect great change in their lives.


In 2000, I completed the basic and advanced (Neuro-structural Bodywork) training for body-workers at the Kali Institute of Massage and Somatic Therapies in Ventura, CA. I worked with private clients and in local chiropractic offices.


From 2003-2010, I completed the basic and advanced coursework for GMCK’s Pranic Healing, (American Institute of Asian Studies, Chino, CA) an ancient form of science and art of energy healing; Vianna Stibal’s Theta Healing (another form of energy work using clairvoyance and discussion to effect improvement physically and emotionally); an advanced compression deep tissue class at the Santa Barbara Bodyworks School of Massage in Santa Barbara, CA.; and a certification program for Life Coaching through Certified Coaches Federation, in Los Angeles, CA.


Since then my devotion to my practice and clients has granted me a comfortable life in Montecito, California where I enjoy the natural beauty and the open-ness of a community that knows the value my work has to offer.