Dynamic Healing Therapies | Intuition Workshop
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Event – Workshop

Your Inner Intuition is awaiting development!

Discover, develop and enhance your natural psychic abilities

Learn how to see, sense and feel energy

Customize your private means of connecting to the Field

Learn the science of the chakral system

Intuition for Healing and Manifesting

Discover your dominant psychic skill

Lani Reagan - Intuitive Life Coach

We all have latent inner senses but few have had opportunity to development these abilities. Attend this One Day Workshop designed to turn on your inner faculties, and train you in the science of energy-reading. Group healing work is also included to create optimal conditions for development of inner sense. Transform and learn at the same time.


Lani Reagan, certified intuitive life coach and energy work practitioner will guide you through a full day of potent teachings, practices and techniques to open your clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience to add more meaning and power to your daily practice of living and working. Leave empowered, renewed and motivated!

Workshop Includes:

  • Instruction & materials
  • Group meditations
  • Group energy-work


WHEN: September 16, 2017
WHERE: Unity of Santa Barbara 227 E. Arrellaga St, SB 93101
TIME: 10am-5pm

Lani Reagan - Tapping into the Field with crystals


Have questions about the workshop? Call Lani directly at (844) 793-5353.