Dynamic Healing Therapies | My Work
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How It Works

I have honed my clairvoyant and healing skills to do more than just provide information regarding non-physical factors. Seeing energy move through the meridians and chakras; seeing in symbols and pictures; hearing with clairaudience and feeling with clairsentience, has allowed me to access the sub-conscious mind and discover old programs or beliefs created from past experiences. These negative sub-conscious beliefs have a greater impact on our lives than we tend to realize. With my healing skills and the cooperation of my clients I have the ability to delete negative programs while downloading into the psyche, healthy perspectives that work to help you create more desirable realities in life. My belief is that we are never victims but always co-creators. In the exploration of this premise, is a huge world of opportunity for change and transformation. It’s also a place of great empowerment. When we are subconsciously in right alignment with our conscious intention, manifestations come easily and our life lessons appear without confusion. We develop greater and wider degrees of connection, patience, understanding and compassion. Everything in life improves. I use and teach a 4 step process to facilitate. Exciting things are bound to unfold!


Creating new realities for ourselves involves acknowledging certain present states of consciousness without self-judgement or criticism. Facing our inner selves can be uncomfortable leading to avoidance or denial behavior. Working together in a supportive, accepting space with Lani, provides room to shift and breath new perspectives into a stagnant area of life. This is the key to the first process.


For new ways of being and new perspectives it is necessary to practice awareness of your True Self which enables you to connect in deeper ways with people in your life and increases your degree of presence in your work and social arena. In this process techniques are learned and given to increase your awareness of when you are in alignment with your True Self and when you are out of alignment. It is by developing your awareness in this area that you set the stage for the next process.


To maintain greater degrees of presence at a more consistent rate means that negative emotions and judgments are properly processed so that they stop creating feelings of separation that lead to anger, angst and internal disruption of your inner peace. Developing All-ness or the feeling of One-ness is not just for isolated times of meditational reprieve. All-ness is the state I clarify as, One-ness In Motion, where the affects of right internal alignment at the subconscious level manifest in behavior that is balanced, without anger, or excessive levels of stress or strife. In All–ness you learn that worry is wasted energy; the meaning of the phrase “there are zero mistake”; and what it feels like to constantly be “In-Flow”.


Enhanced skill level requires practice. This is the process of developing mastery through specific customized “self-application recommendations” aimed at creating new neurological pathways for long term change and permanent transformation. Practice makes what we do do intentionally, an automatic way of being. It is the equivalent of running the program that you download on your computer. The downloading happens in session and the running of the program on the application of the principles and teachings. Each new level of advancement uses similar principles so that the mastery developed through working with my programs, ┬áserves you for a lifetime. The value is priceless.