Dynamic Healing Therapies | Family
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Our first experience with feeling loved and connected originates with our families, but there are no manuals for parenthood, and no teenager is going to follow a manual even if one were written for them. Often,  problems that arise require extra guidance or new perspectives to harmonize conflicts and create deeper connections.
I can provide energetic assessment and energy clearing to bring new understandings, giving way to new approaches. My sessions tend to open lines of communication, heal the family pains in your past, and give family members deeper understandings of themselves and the wider picture.
This means I can work with whole families, individuals and small children to facilitate change, growth and healing.  If you are looking for some clarity around any family related issue, present or past, my work can help you find peace, resolve and harmony in a short time.
To thriving family life. and peace melting all pain!
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